Selfless Service to humanity, by providing supportive and therapeutic services for those who are, re-entering society, suffering from substance abuse, mental illness, and/or dually diagnosed.


Is to always serve with integrity and never compromise our principles.


To improve the quality of life for everyone.


     Project Agape Love shall be a direct response to the devastating and debilitating effects upon our community due to the destructive unslaught of drugs, crime, mental illness, and the residual effects that are being manifested at an alarming rate.

     It shall be our aim here at Project Agape Love to reach out unconditionally to the men and women, whom are being adversely affected by the ravages of substance abuse, incarceration, and mental illness, and assist them in the process of achieveing the inner emotional healing that is crucially needed so that they will no longer remain victims of a lifestyle that leads to jail, institutions, and/or death.

     Project Agape Love will educate, not condemn and offer practical solutions to the parade of problems that are inherent in our communities i.e. Subsatance abuse, HIV & AIDS, Homelessness, Violence, Unemployement, and anything else that is twarting the quality of life to be experienced by members of our community.

     Project Agape Love will work in a coordinated fashion with existing community agencies in effort to achieve the common goal of saving lives. Our efforts will be individualized as we are concerned with results and not numbers. The preservation of one life- one family is of paramount importance to us, we realize that one is always the crux of achieved greatness.

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